Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Arts and crafts time

Madeline has been LOVING "arts and crafts time" lately! We do some coloring, fingerpainting, cutting out shapes, stickers, pumpkin decorating, whatever we can think of. One day, she switched from finger-painting to elbow-painting!They do lots of projects at preschool (Developmental Learning Center), and we recently found a good way to display a lot of the artwork (thank you Land of Nod):Madeline goes to preschool 2 days a week, and it is so cute watching her make friends and learn new things. She can sing the whole abc song now, actually she has been doing that for a while. She can count to 10, usually. She started out doing it correctly, then for a long time would consistently skip #4, and now 4 seems to be her favorite number. She rarely takes a nap anymore. She is potty trained for peepee but not poopoo yet. She loves to pedal her tricycle, especially if mommy is pushing her. She watches at least part of the movie Ice Age almost every day for the past few weeks, she can now predict some parts of the movie. She calls her stuffed Snuffy toy "ice age." She now pronounces her own name correctly, instead of maa-maa as she said for a long time. I could go on and on...

Monday, November 14, 2011

5 month update

Connor is a happy and healthy baby! He loves to grab his feet and suck on his left big toe (the favorite), he laughs when you tickle him or make funny noises/faces, he pushes up on his elbows and wiggles all over the place, he rolls over onto his belly (he uses his head to guide the rest of his body) almost instantaneously when you put him down, he still only has the bottom front 2 teeth, but he's definitely got the drool to prove that more are on the way, he is mesmerized by Madeline whenever she is around, he is reaching for and grabbing anything in his path, and he provides full time enjoyment for us!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Funny story

Ed took Connor to the doctor today to check out a rash on his neck that we were treating for a yeast infection but it wasn't improving. First the nurse came in, asked a few questions and left. Then the doctor came in, asked a few questions and opened Connor's diaper... Then she said, "Are you talking about the redness on his sack?" And Ed kindly reminded her that the rash was on his neck, and she said oh, cause I didn't really see anything down there. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

In other news, Happy 28th Birthday to Auntie Jenn and Happy 2nd Anniversary to Uncle Brandon and Auntie Jasmine!