Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Madeline update

Madeline does so many cute new things all the time, I have to try and remember some of them! She can count to 11 and sometimes higher, she can sing several songs, including the abc's, twinkle-twinkle, little red wagon, and a few songs that we have made up. She has been doing great at swim lessons... using the backpack floatie she can "swim" by herself for a little bit of time, but she gets so excited and smiles/laughs so much that she doesn't focus on keeping her mouth out of the water. Everything she likes to do is a "time", for example playdoh time, arts and crafts time, stamp time, puzzle time, etc. She has been doing awesome with potty-training. Only very rare potty accidents, and doing great with poopoo (finally). The reward of an Andy's ice cream cone worked very well for her! She still sleeps on her doggie bed and loves it. She loves to go outside, especially when we let the dogs out and she runs around with them calling them Mack and Mater (Lily is Mack because her collar is red). She loves the movies Cars (obviously), Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Shrek, Care Bears, and Bambi. She is constantly assigning us all roles from one of these stories. For example, Madeline is Faline, Connor is Bambi, Mommy is the doe, and Daddy is the great prince of the forest! Hahaha. She is very into girls vs boys right now, always pointing out that we are girls and Connor and Daddy are boys, etc. We could not be more proud!! Connor is her biggest fan!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get up, stand up.

Connor is pulling up to a stand whenever he feels like it! I just don't have any good pictures yet, but here are some from hanging out in the basement.Connor palming the fun balls:Chewing on a toy gear:Madeline has been doing awesome with puzzles!Don't remember exactly what she was doing here:Playing around with the new camera:Big sister helping out little brother!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's a little sad how much of our daily conversations revolve around poop. The good news is that Madeline has been doing better pooping on the potty... I guess we finally offered enough good rewards to intice her. The other poop issue we have is explosive. If Connor goes more than 24 hours without a poop, then Mommy and Daddy start to get a little apprehensive. Every diaper change brings us closer and closer to "the big one." As we wait and watch for it, we wonder if the diaper will be able to hold it in. Unfortunately, it seems that the poop usually manages to escape. However, we rejoice anytime the huggies #3 manages to take one for the team and keep all of the contents to itself!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

8, 9, and 10

Connor has 6 teeth now. Ha.